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From The Desk Of Aaron Danker
Full Time Internet Marketer
Re: Adding MP3 and WAV audio to your websites without all the uncessary coding hassles!

It's a fact.

Adding audio to your website can be the single most influential factor in increasing your sales.

Typically, people say that they have seen around a 300% increase in sales just by adding audio and I have even seen an example where sales increased by a whopping 426%!

Until now, adding audio was the icing on the cake for the technically minded. But now, ANYONE can add audio their website in a matter of minutes using the Copy Paste Audio Tool.

Copy Paste Audio does everything for you. It automatically creates the files you need and generates the code for you to cut and paste to wherever you want in your webpage. Add the code and upload the files and 'hey presto' you've got audio.

It really couldn't be easier.

"Why Does Adding Audio Increases Your Sales And Profits?"

Okay, I've told you a bit about the Copy Paste Audio Tool, now lets see why adding audio to your website makes such amazing sense. 

Well, it's a proven fact that adding audio to a website improves sales conversion. 

Lets face it, that's what most of us want, right? We want visitors to become customers. AND we want them to love us and trust us so that they will buy from us again. Well, that is exactly what adding audio to a website achieves. 

You immediately build a personal relationship and rapport with your visitor

Your visitors begin to trust you more, because they know you are real and they feel that they know you and like you

When visitors trust you they are more likely to buy from you

Your website comes alive

You connect with your visitors

Visitor confidence increases

Visitors will stay on your site longer, giving you more time to build that all important relationship

You can explain and reinforce your guarantees

You can encourage them to read on

You can direct your customers straight to your order button or sign-up form

Trust is so important, just think about how you feel when you go shopping in a real store. 

When you are served by someone who is really helpful, knowledgeable and sincere, you will instinctively like them and trust them; it's human nature.

Next time you want to buy something that you can get in that same store, where will you go? You'll go back to the same store, and, probably try to seek out that same sales assistant.

It's just the same with online shopping.

When we spend our hard earned cash, we are really quite emotional about where we spend it. We spend our money with people we know, like and trust, and, when we buy stuff on the internet it's exactly the same. 

That's why building good relationships with visitors to your website is so important to increasing your sales success. Adding audio to your website does exactly that.

Boost Your Sales With Auditable Testimonials

Of course for your visitors, hearing what you've got to say is a pretty powerful, but also hearing what your satisfied customers have to say can be phenomenal. 

This is why audio testimonials are doing more for credibility and sales than you can possibly imagine.

How easy is it to get audio testimonials online? It couldn't be simpler. Ask your satisfied customers to record a brief testimonial and send it to you... they can probably even record it on their mobile phone. Simply put their recorded message through the Copy Paste Audio Tool and you've got yourself a real live testimonial for any visitor to hear. 

Well these days most of our general communication is verbal rather than written; it's what we're used to. I mean how often do you send letters to your friends? 

Reading vs. Listening

FACT – most people DON'T read every word on a website

FACT– most people listen intently to audio messages, that capture their attention within the first 10 seconds

FACT– even when people are not listening intently to spoken words they still hear and absorb the meaning in their subconscious

FACT- many people struggle to read written words and therefore respond better to graphical and audio marketing messages

FACT– sales messages that can target two or more of the senses are far more effective than those that just reach one. So a message that is seen and heard is way more effective that one that is only seen.


Having Words, Graphics And Audio On Your Website Is PROVEN To Be Far More Appealing To Your Visitors And Is A Hugely Powerful Sales And Marketing Tool

“OK, I'm convinced about the benefits”, I'm sure you're saying, “but exactly HOW do I add audio to my website? Isn't it complicated?”

The answer is, 'it's not complicated at all'. It's unbelievable simple and fast. Here's why...

Copy Paste Audio ... so quick and simple.

OK, you have got an audio file that you want to add, in MP3 format, but you're not a techie ... what do you do? How do you get your visitors to know and love you, through your audio message. It is so simple, it's child's play.

Add Audio In 3 easy steps!

Step #1 - Select the audio clip you want to play in your webpage. This can be an MP3 file or WAV file - it doesn't matter. Copy Paste Audio will allow either to play on your site.

Step #2 - Edit and design your audio interface (if any). Choose the colour scheme for your buttons, to match your page, what size buttons, whether you want all playback features or if you simply want it auto-loading when your website loads.

Step #3 - Click Generate and Copy Paste Audio goes to work and produces a piece of HTML code and a couple of files for you to copy and paste into your website! Once added you'll have a new dynamic added!

It takes less than a couple of minutes in fact, just a few seconds.

The Copy Paste Audio Tool creates just four lines of code for you to copy and paste into your webpage. Simple. When you've done that simply upload your revised webpage along with a folder that's been created for you, and that's it ... job done. All in under 5 minutes.

It really couldn't be simpler.

Now I bet you're asking, what kind of audio clips can I add to my website? 

Here Are Some Typical Uses...

With Copy Paste Audio You Can...

Copy Paste Audio is absolutely the simplest way imaginable to add audio to any website.


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Your sales will thank you for it!

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P.S. Copy Paste Audio is so simple to use, you'd be kicking yourself thinking why you didn't apply this extra media into your website designs.

P.P.S. Just think of how many sales you've missed out by not capturing your visitors with silent sales pages. Order your copy now and you'll see the results for yourself!

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